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An ideal cultural cruise to discover in depth the jewel cities of Holy Russia with its profusion of domes, monasteries and brightly colored churches. From Saint Petersburg to Moscow, an exceptional river route with its holy cities, its small towns and the charm of its daily life. Through one of its most prestigious waterways, forest landscapes, towns with houses will emerge and at the exit of a lock, young children will meet laughing. The destination of this country with numerous vicissitudes makes this cruise an exceptional trip.

Starting at 2:00 p.m., embark at the St. Petersburg river port.
Installation on board the ship. Musical welcome. Dinner and night on board.

Pass through the islands of the Neva delta, the «Venice of the North», a charming place for art lovers. Visit the church of San Nicolás de los Marinos, an impressive example of religious baroque. Visit of the Peter and Paul fortress and its cathedral, which houses the tombs of the Russian emperors. Beyond the Neva, its golden arrow dominates the river, in front of the old Winter Palace. Lunch in the city. Visit of the Hermitage Museum, the most important and well-known Russian museum, installed in the former Tsar’s Winter Palace. Dinner and night on board. Optional: “Folk Show Night” OR “Saint Petersburg by night and climb the bridges in Saint Petersburg” (reservation only on board).

Day off. Optional activities in the morning: «Visit of the Peterhof Palace» Or free time in Saint Petersburg. Lunch in the city. Boat tour Or optional: «Canal cruise» Departure. Dinner and night on board.

Between Lake Ladoga and Lake Onega, you can enjoy this morning of sailing and contemplate landscapes of rare beauty. Lunch on board. Optional: «Typical lunch in Mandrogui». Free walk through the town of Mandrogui, built for tourist purposes, which allows you to discover the authentic Russian crafts, as well as the typical wooden «isbas». Dinner and night on board.

Sailing on Onega Lake and arrival at Kijí, in the heart of Karelia. The island of Kijí is the jewel of wooden architecture from the 18th century. Visit this open-air museum, declared a Unesco world heritage, which brings together religious and profane buildings, the Church of the Transfiguration (under restoration) and the Church of the Intercession. Lunch, navigation on Onega Lake. Dinner and night on board.

Navigating the Sheksna and White Lake A stopover in Goritsy will allow you to delve into the life of a Russian people. Visit of the school and a typical house, to better understand the life of the locals. Lunch. Optional: visit of the Monastery of San Cirilo del Lago Blanco founded in the 14th century by the monk Cyril. This option replaces the initial visitation program for the stopover in Goritsy. Dinner and night on board.

Sailing morning. Lunch. Yaroslavl, one of the brightest cities in the Golden Ring founded by Yaroslavl the Wise in 1010. Visit to the monastery of the Transfiguration of the Savior, as well as a view of the church of the prophet Elijah. Dinner and night on board. Optional: “Rostov the Great”. Rostov is one of the oldest cities in the Golden Ring. Panoramic tour. Visit of the Kremlin and the Dormition Cathedral that was built in 1162.

Navigation on the Volga. Arrival in Úglich. Visit of the Kremlin with the Church of Saint Demetrius in the Blood and the Cathedral of the Transfiguration. Small concert of liturgical music. Lunch. After leaving the Volga, you pass through the impressive system of locks on the Moscow canal, built in Stalin’s time. Commander’s Dinner. Overnight on board.

Arrival in Moscow after lunch. Panoramic tour of the city with the visit of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, rebuilt in 1995 and identical to the cathedral of 1883, which was completely razed by order of Stalin in 1931. Discovery of the Donskoi monastery, founded in 1592 and built of wood as a fortress to defend Moscow from Mongol invasions. It was rebuilt in the 17th century and is surrounded by crenellated red stone walls and crowned by 12 towers. Its cemetery houses the tomb of Soljenitsyne. Back on board. Dinner and night on board. Optional: “Metro and Moscow by night”.

Panoramic tour of the Russian capital (exterior views), the historic heart, “Kitay Gorod”, with the famous Red Square dominated by the church of Saint Basil the Beatus and the famous GUM. Lunch in the city. Visit of the Kremlin, a fortified city in the heart of Moscow, which contains many civil and religious buildings. Visit inside the impressive Cathedral of the Assumption. Optional: «Palace of Armor, museum of the Russian imperial court». The visit to the Armor Palace is subject to entry fees set by the Kremlin administration. By procedure it is necessary to make the reservation 60 days before departure. Dinner and night on board.

Breakfast on board.

End of our services in the Moscow river port.

Information onboard


Vaccination is not mandatory. However the diphtheria vaccine is recommended.


The currency on scales and on board is the ruble. Euros and dollars may occasionally be accepted at some souvenir shops. Credit cards are increasingly accepted. Travelers checks should be avoided. It cannot be changed on board.


The whole country has a very marked continental climate, very cold in winter and hot in summer, with fairly short intermediate seasons. Spring comes late and does not arrive in Moscow until the end of April. The weather is sunny, temperatures rise very fast, but remain low at night. Just started June, summer is here. In Moscow it is hot during the day and often stormy, on the Baltic coasts and in St. Petersburg it is milder and the “white nights” can be cool. Autumn comes early. During the month of September, in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, there is an alternation between pleasant days and cold days.


It is advisable to wear appropriate clothing for the season and comfortable shoes for visits. Many visits are on foot and it is common for the streets to be cobbled. Bring wool clothes and a raincoat, as well as more elegant clothes for dinners and, specifically, for the commander’s dinner.


+ 1 hour


220 volts – no adapter needed.


Navigation requirements (weather, passage through the locks …) can disturb the itinerary or even for security reasons can mean the elimination of stopovers. However, these cases are not common. For security reasons, the company and the commander may change the cruise itinerary.


May 9 and June 12 are the Russian national holidays and the city center may be closed to circulation. These disturbances can also occur during the week preceding the holidays. Visits may be modified or even canceled without prior notice.


Saint Petersburg wakes up in the summer session. It becomes the city where the sun does not hide and celebrates its summer solstice with its famous white nights.