15 Top Cruise Company

Best and Worst cruise companies in the world

Surrounded by luxuries and crystal clear waters that bathe the horizon, going from port to port every day … nothing better than an unforgettable cruise vacation. While few would turn down the opportunity to cruise, some companies are better known than others. Cruiseline.com offers reviews made by real travelers and rates the service of each company. Here’s a summary of the top 15 and worst, each with each customer’s average score. Bon voyage!

Best: AmaWaterways -4.5
If you’ve never heard of AmaWaterways before, I highly recommend you start researching as it has the highest rating on this list. A leader in the river cruise industry, it has a fleet of 20 ships offering multi-day excursions in Europe, Asia and Africa. Lovers of tranquility will make the most of this experience, since the largest ships can accommodate a small group of 164 passengers. You will not find here large ships that cross the ocean, small and intimate are the premises. AmaWaterway earned an average of 4.5 stars out of 5 for its comfort, spacious rooms, incredible cuisine and attention. The only downside is that one-week package prices start at $ 3000- $ 4000; However, those who have been able to pay it, do not regret having done so.

Best: Disney Cruises -4.3
It is considered one of the best family cruises in the world and you shouldn’t be surprised to see this name at the top of the list. Four giant ships will carry the magic of Disney parks to destinations such as Alaska, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Canada, and New England, the California coast, Europe, Hawaii, Mexico, the Panama Canal, and transatlantic destinations. Cruiseline.com has given it an excellent 4.3 out of 5 star rating for its wonderful activities for children, although it may be a less attractive option for honeymooners. Prices are slightly higher than those of any family cruise line due to the spaciousness of the rooms and the ideal amenities for mothers with newborn babies.

Best: Celebrity -3.9
In addition to guaranteeing excellent customer service, Celebrity has been voted “the best Premium cruise line” for receiving for 7 consecutive years the award given by Travel Weekly readers. With a fleet of 10 ships and an offer of 3 different classes, it is impossible not to find something that meets your needs. The destinations preferred by travelers are Australia and New Zealand, Bermuda, Hawaii, Europe, the Galapagos and South America. Cruiseline.com has given it a 3.9 out of 5 star rating based on customer feedback – mostly couples. The website ensures that this cruise line is ideal for couples, families, and groups seeking comfort and style at affordable prices. Celebrity stands out for being the first to incorporate real grass and an extensive collection of art to its ships.

Best: Holland America -3.8
Holland America has been cruising to exotic and historic destinations around the world for over 140 years. Its fleet of 15 spacious and comfortable ships covers the 7 continents about 500 times a year. In April 2016, the company will incorporate a new line of ships with a capacity for 2,560 passengers. Cruiseline.com has given it a wonderful 3.8 star rating out of 5 and recommends this company to multi-generational families as it is primarily focused on providing professional service and providing a relaxed atmosphere for more mature travelers.

Best: Oceania Cruises -3.8
If you are one of those people who loves to travel, you will surely be interested in taking a look at the offers of Oceania Cruises. It was founded in 2002 with a fleet of 5 ships, 3 of which have a Renaissance style and is considered the most important upper-premium line in the world. In 2016, the company plans to add one more unit to its medium fleet. Oceania received a 3.8-star rating, of which 76% are couples. This option is ideal for sophisticated lovers and groups of friends who appreciate good wine, art and first-class care. Some details such as suites designed by Ralph Lauren, cooking schools on board and exquisite cuisine make a big difference.

Best: Royal Caribbean -3.8
Royal Caribbean cruises are the preferred choice for families after the Disney line – and a much more accessible one. With a total of 7 different classes and a fleet of 25 units, the company has received an average of 3.8 stars out of 5; To the surprise of many, 53.3% of the voters were couples and 15.8%, families with grown children. Royal Caribbean has earned its place in the market and offers the best in-flight entertainment along with the most exciting water sports. It is ideal for adventurous families and couples who enjoy limitless action.

Princess Cruises -3.7
Initially, back in 1965, the Princess cruise line had only one ship; Today it is proud to offer its customers 18 ships that sail hundreds of different destinations around the world. Frequent flyers will find families and couples, both young and old, looking to relax in a sophisticated setting. This company has been awarded a 3.7 out of 5 star rating for its excellent children’s programs such as “Science on the Sea” (created thanks to an agreement with the California Academy of Sciences) and activities such as the screening of film premieres in Huge LED displays located by the pool – and of course, popcorn is a must!

Carnival Cruises -3.6
For just one point it has managed to enter the “Best” category and is known as one of the most “festive” cruise ships of all. The company has earned its excellent reputation for providing onboard parties, karaoke nights, comedy shows, contests and much more fun. Carnival’s fleet is made up of 24 colorful boats full of happy adults and happy children. This is the ideal choice for outgoing and fun families. Its rating is 3.6 stars and the opinion of Cruiseline.com, in general terms, is quite favorable. If you are looking to have a good time at a reasonable price, Carnival is the right cruise line for you.

Avalon Waterways -3.5
Avalon Waterways is Europe’s leading river cruise with a fleet of 25 ships. If you’ve ever dreamed of touring the Old Continent in detail and in an organized way, you’ll no doubt love Avalon Waterways. However, those who prefer to put together their own itinerary, with their own visit schemes, we suggest you look for another option. For her 3.5 points on Cruiseline.com, she firmly places herself on the worst list. Passengers say that the internet connection on board is very slow, that the dining room is too noisy and that the time to explore each city is too short. Also, the food menus don’t compare one bit with those of its competitors.

Norwegian Cruise Line -3.4
Norwegian deserves to be congratulated for many reasons; It has been the first company to offer flexible lunch menus, provides special rooms for those traveling alone, and has one of the newest fleets in the entire North American market. While still the preferred choice for multiple travelers, Cruiseline.com’s 3.4 points are due to a lack of room space, excess smoking areas on board, and the great diversity of restaurants (at additional costs) that do not They focus so much on quality.